The Embassy Application of Strategos Prime

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  1. Atlantica

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    Strategos Prime
    Ambassador: The Laxus Union and assigned puppets of Topsail Empire (Vice Delegate)
    WA Delegate(?):
    Some information on your region: Strategos Prime is a relatively new region: it has been established less than a year ago. However, slowly, our region grew into prosperity, until the three-digit mark was broken yesterday. We are a very active region, with several FT RP-ers.

    Questionnaire! (Completely Optional, but it will help us out greatly.)
    Does your region advocate raiding or ally themselves with raider regions?
    We are an independent region for that, so far: however, there has been a move that Strategos Prime should become a defender region, fighting against raiders.

    If not, how does your region view raiders? Does your region see a legitimate cause for raiding?
    Our region is quite neutral about raiders, while some others hate them to their bones. Our region does not see a legitimate cause for raiding, though that is yet to be debated.

    Do you consider reinforcements to strengthen a region against raids to be raiding or defending?
    We consider it as Defending: password-protection and blocking WA Delegate access is actually protecting the region, especially when it is about to be raided. Of course, that really depends on who strikes that region.

    Is your region interventionist? That is, do they move to 'free' regions if the region becomes oppressive?
    Our region is far from interventionist: we stay in the position. Also, due to the democratic forms of the region, there is no worry to be oppressive.

    Does your region have any category, civil rights, economic, or political freedom requirements?
    No. We consider the freedom of one nation's statistics. We wouldn't ban or condemn anyone for such thing.

    What are your region's views on Economics?
    Our region views economics as something that unites regions into one, and eventually connect the world.

    What are your region's views on International Trade?
    Fairly the same thing as 'Economics'.

    What are your region's views on Natural Rights vs Government Rights?
    We believe that things like human rights are natural; however, rights such as to the right to vote, the right to be elected belong to the category of 'Government Rights', which is always followed by the duties and responsibilities.

    What are your region's views on the World Assembly and Security Council?
    We see the World Assembly as some sort of Congress: every Delegate and WA Member is free to participate.

    What are your region's views on Civil and Political Freedoms?
    Though we do not care about an individual nation having extremely low stats on such parts, we do believe that people should be enjoying the minimum civil and political freedoms.

    What are your region's views on Capitalist Paradise?
    Our region has respected Capitalist Paradise: it is a massive region with an 'extremely high' regional power, and consisting of over 700 nations.

    Do you have any additional notes or comments?
    Through this embassy, I hope we, Strategos Prime, and you guys, Capitalist Paradise, can be allies and friends with each other: after all, we all need friends to prosper in NationStates.
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  3. Atlantica

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    And actually, I have a question: do we have to send a WA Member Ambassador to Capitalist Paradise, or can we send a puppet?
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    A puppet will suffice, the region is not required to have a WA delegate but is required to have at minimum 20 nations in the region.

    I hereby approve this application!
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    Embassy request accepted. In-Game embassy under construction.
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    Thank you! Let's hope our relations enhance!