Legislation At Vote: Grandfather Amendment

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    Amendment Text:
    Section 1. All nations who resided in the Capitalist Paradise on April 21 2013 is hereby considered to have already resided in the region continuously for 15 days. These nations are full members of the legislature and may exercise privileges of membership.

    Section 2. All nations who have served as Capitalist Paradise World Assembly delegate for longer than 10 days, before April 21 2013 is hereby considered eligible for service in The Vocals.

    Section 3. The World Assembly delegate term for Kaputer is hereby considered to have completed its 90th day on April 21 2013.

    Section 4. Alters the duty of The Vocals that states "Convene on a bi-monthly basis", to "Convenes when requested by the delegate or founder, or on a mutually desired basis as determined by its members."

    Send a telegram to both Libertocria and New Cathedra with your vote. Voting begins APRIL 29th. Voting ends MAY 2nd at 11:59 PM EST.

    Update: Amendment was defeated.