Legislation At Vote: Election Procedures

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    Now before the Legislature, a Bill sponsored by The Grand Duchy of Acario and The 13 Billion S O B's of FASTERCAT to add language amending the Constitutional duties of the President of the Legislature.

    The proposed additions are in bold:

    Presentation of issues and elections to the Legislature
    Shall open a 3 day or longer Call for Electoral Candidates
    - No limit may be placed upon the number of candidates
    All polls shall be opened and remain open for a minimum of five days
    -Upon opening of the poll, the polling period shall not be altered, interrupted or suspended

    Shall appoint two vote counters for tally of votes
    OR At his/her discretion, utilize an off site polling service
    Presentation of vote results to the Delegate for ratification into law.
    Enforcement and defense of this Constitution and the common defense of Capitalist Paradise

    The poll is now open and will close at Noon Sunday 2 February 2014

    Please send your vote of "Yea" or "Nay" to both vote counters: The Holy Catholic See of New Cathedra and The Bits and Bytes of Binary