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  1. Jack Brown

    Jack Brown Confirmed Nation

    Hello! I am Gabriel Patrick Hogan, owner of Jackson Brown, who is evidentally my dog AND my nation.

    The whole point of my nation, is that it's dedicated to my dog, Jack. Jack is a mix of poodle and golden retriever; I think. We don't really know.

    Jack is mentally challenged. Literally. He runs into things all the time, he barks at literal gusts of wind, and barks at me when I'm five feet from the gate. Weird. Yeah, that's why we love him. His smile is also a reason why he looks mentally challenged.

    I am not part of Capitalist Paradise, no, but I want to become embassies with it. My puppet nation (the owner), of Rolandria, is my way of this. At 8:00 CENTRAL TIME, I sent the embassy request, and I hoped it would be accepted.