Gameplay Ideology Quiz: Has Libertarianism and Independentism!

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Was the quiz partially or completely accurate?

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  1. Nasania

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    I am Nasania of the North Pacific, Here is an ideology test that measures things like Libertarianism, Conservativism, and Socialism. It also measures whether you're a Defender, Raider, or Independent. It has 81 ideologies in total.

    'Defender' could also mean Pacifist or anti-militarist in this test.

    If you want to skip a question, you can and to skip the part where it asks for personal info, just hit 'submit' and you will skip it. Anyhow be polite, have fun and enjoy the Quiz!

    My result was Conservative Independent/Imperialist

    EDIT: New test that differentiates between Defenders and Independents. Measures the 5th Dimension(Interests). Infers there are 162 ideological combinations.
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  2. TheUnitedOman

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