Appropriate Forum location for national news?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Scow Creek, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Scow Creek

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    Indulge a new member here...I like to keep an ongoing news archive (a record, if you will) of my nation's activities (we're expecting a delivery of Coast Guard Patrol boats from La Republica Federal de Catalunya this month) there a particular CA forum that would be an appropriate place for a regularly update national news thread? Or should I just maintain this in the general NS News forum (where I keep it now?)
  2. Acario

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    If you want to store the information on the CP forums, you could make a thread here or we can see about making a different subsection of the forums specifically for RP... I will have to get in contact with Afforess about that. For now, you should probably maintain it on the general NS News forums.

    In fact it might not hurt to keep two copies, one the CP forums and the other on the NS News forums. This has been proven useful strategy when dealing with NS mods as they frequently remove a post and telegram a warning to players, it is much harder to argue the warnings if you do not have a copy of the post yourself. Capitalist Producers can attest to this as such mods actions were done against him.