Capitalist Producers vs. The Vocals - A court case

Discussion in 'Supreme Court' started by Capitalist Producers, Apr 10, 2016.

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  1. This court is back in session and called to order

    The Court will extend ejection amnesty to Capitalist Producers to the conclusion of this hearings

    As if I need to ask
    Has the Plaintiff and Vocals reached an agreement?
  2. It appears Justice Armus Republic and I were on at the same time Before we proceed Armus Republic wishes a word with the litigants
  3. Armus Republic

    Armus Republic Confirmed Nation

    With the amnesty matter taken care of, I no longer need to speak to CP and The CID. The trial may continue on
  4. Capitalist Producers

    Capitalist Producers Confirmed Nation

    Thank you your honors. Plaintiff reached out the defense asking for a representative to negotiate with. So far there has been no reply.
  5. Very well
    There is no need for Defence to reply

    Capitalist Producers you may call your next witness
  6. The CID

    The CID Founder Government

    28 hours left
  7. Mr. The-Cid You once told me I must be tough on both Capitalist Producers as well as you
    Mr. The-Cid you shame yourself
    If you wish not to respect this court, I will announce you DICTATOR and dissolve these hearings
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  8. Capitalist Producers

    Capitalist Producers Confirmed Nation

    The Plaintiff calls Drasnia.
  9. Drasnia

    Drasnia Member Former Delegate Vocals

    *Drasnia takes the stand.*

    Before we begin, I need to tell you that I am currently in the middle of a move (college) and may not be able to get on much if at all for the next 2-3 days. After that, however, I will be available like usual.
  10. Capitalist Producers

    Capitalist Producers Confirmed Nation

    Thank you, congratulations on the move up in life. I am certain you will do well.

    First I would like for you to define posting respectfully for the court.
  11. The CID

    The CID Founder Government

    13 hours left
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  12. The CID

    The CID Founder Government

    6 hours left for Armus Republic to explain why the sentence "Last advice: one more of this stupidity (calling me a dictator), I ban eject you. Proceed with the trial without offending me" can be understood as "Our Founder has once again threatened the Plaintiff for pursuing this case."

    1) I accepted RJ proposal of trying to negotiate an end of this... even-thou we never have a chance to present our case.
    2) My offer was 3 Null Items and one favoring each side... very impartial.
    3) Cap. Pro. rejected and made a counteroffer, totally partial.
    4) I rejected his counteroffer and explained why.

    5) He claimed I was behaving like a dictator.
    6) I told him I was tired of him insulting me and I was going to ban-eject me if he keeps insulting me; so, I asked him to proceed with the trial without insulting me.
    7) He claimed I was threatening him for pursuing this case (!!!!!!! = It is a lie).

    8) Armus Republic put on hold my in-game powers for 72 hours. (So, there is an automatic ban on my powers as soon as Cap Pro. complains, but not a single analysis of his behavior???)
    9) I asked Armus Republic to explained his call within 36 hours.
    10) He said the Court is under no obligation to explain it's decisions (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = Now... that's dictatorship! Is exactly the opposite!).
    11) Cap. Pro. asked for a permanent hold on my in-game powers.

    12) Armus Republic sent me this:
    The Constitutional Empire of Armus Republic
    23 minutes ago
    Can you tell me why CP is under the impression that you are planning on banning him from the region? Why does he believe that you feel the court and it's rulings do not apply to you?

    Are all of you unable to analyze this objectively???
    For those who may read this and may think I am a dictator:
    - There has been no single warning to Capitalist Producers in this whole trial regarding his directs insults to me.
    - The Court is sending me a telegram asking me "why does Cap. Pro. believes this?". Are you asking me what another people may think???
    - This trial is a joke!!! The Court has been only though with me and ignoring the fact I have been acting as a consequence of Cap. Pro. personal attacks. I am tired of getting insulted and treated like a piece of garbage.


    6 hours left
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  13. Armus Republic

    Armus Republic Confirmed Nation

    I had stated that the decision would be reviewed after the time was up. I asked both sides where they were coming from in order to determine whether or not the order would be lifted or if it would stay in place.

    The Court is more then capable of objectively looking at the evidence.

    The Court is not on trial here, and therefore does not to explain why certain decisions were made. No one questions the Court when we over rule or sustain an objection, so why is this any different?

    I'm curious as to why Justice RJ has not been asked why he gave the permanent amnesty to CP

    The Court will no longer address this topic. If The-CID continues in his manner, he will be held in contempt.
  14. The CID

    The CID Founder Government

    It does not matter that the decision would be reviewed after the time was up... It matters WHY you made the call.

    You did not. You sent me a telegram asking what Cap. Pro. thinks. Only that.

    Because this time IS NOT about a rule sustain or an objection, it is about a direct impact in the game basis.
    Moreover, every time a FAIR Court takes a measure like that, Courts explain reasons to sustain their decision.

    RJ decision was an extension of your decision.
    Your decision was based on the claim that I will ban-eject Cap. Pro. for going on with the trial. ---> This is FALSE.
    So, if you actually are capable of looking at the evidence, then you will realize Cap. Pro. lied.
    If he lied, he should be punished; your decision overrule (as it will have no basis) and RJ call nulled.

    Your call.
    I will act in consequence of your call... but it will ultimately be your call.

    5 hours left.
  15. TheCids comments are noted and allowed to stand so that I may adress

    Mr. The-Cid, at the beginings of these hearing I gave authority to Armus Republic and Derivative to act upon testimonys as they ...find them
    So if your dificulty is with them, you are to adress me
    Mr. The Cid, you are not privy to the privatecommunications between Capitalist Producers and I
    just as Capitalist Producers is not privy to ours you don't know what admonishings have there been
    But you continue to intrupt and now insult the court
    Your attempts to intimidate the court are ignored Now hold your tongue

    we will proceed

    Welcome to the Court Drasnia
  16. Kaputer

    Kaputer New Member Former Delegate Vocals

    The Vocals have decided that from now on I shall take primary duty for representing us, however another nation will handle my cross exam upon defense. Also from now on no questions will be answered until the questioned party and myself have consulted.
  17. The CID

    The CID Founder Government

    I personally want to apologize myself for insulting you.

    I should have never said that (idiots).
    As the Founder, I must have a higher standard, above everyone else.
    I truly loose control of myself; an apologize is deserved.

    Please, forgive me.
  18. The CID

    The CID Founder Government

    Having said that, its my regret to see how you focus only in my insult and not in the above sentences. Of course, this was also my mistake: When you loose your temper and insult, then you loose the discussion. I gave you the chance to avoid the main problem here.

    I just wish you had said "Hold your tongue" to Capitalist Producers, in this very trial... many times before.
    For sure, that should have avoid me complaining at you, that should have avoid Armus Republic ridiculous and unfounded decision (I have not eject anyone since I came back), and obviously hat should have avoid your exaggerated call, involving NS per game powers.

    7 minutes left
  19. The CID

    The CID Founder Government

  20. The CID

    The CID Founder Government

    10 minutes passed after the mark.
    A sad day from our region.
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